We manufacture flush doors from smaller pieces of wood, which would otherwise have used as fire wood or packing wood. We at Chandan Industries treat and season this wood to make it stable. Thus each and every flush door saves forest. As every piece of wood is treated and seasoned; our flush doors are dimensionally stable and strong.

Apart from this, we manufacture Particle Board Flush Doors, using particle board as a filler instead of wooden battens. This particle boards are made out of wooden saw dusts, rice husks, and small particles of sugar canes. Each Cubic Meter of particle board used saves equivalent quantity of wood and thus saves the forest.

Flush doors are tough & ready to use. These can be easily installed with minimum effort & time. These doors are made of quality wood and are treated with preservatives and chemicals to make them borer, termite & other micro organism proof and dimensionally stable in any climatic conditions. These are protected with hardwood frames. Flush doors are available in both MR Grade & BWR Grade.

25mm, 30mm, 35mm
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